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SalesHooQ Reports : A Tool to Improve Sales Quickly

The previous article on SalesHooQ discussed about how the sales force in any type of organization can be made more efficient using technology. The technology enables us to perform the sales tasks faster, cheaper and better. This article delves into more details of how...

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Simple Way for Organizations to Manage Sales Team in Minutes

This article discusses how the right mix of technology and analytics can increase the output and sales potential of sales team without burdening them with non-core tasks. The technology can enable automated data collection and even encourage sales team to do the right...

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Private Railroad Operators: A Game Changer. Really?

The recent news about Indian Railways on allowing private companies to run freight trains from their own private terminals is widely seen as ushering of fundamental reforms in the stodgy behemoth. However, past experience does not exactly paint a positive picture for...

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Bringing IoT to Masses

The logistics industry, despite being more than trillions of dollar industry world-wide, is a laggard in adoption of technology. As a result, industry is yet to reap the full advantages  of latest technologies including IoT , Big Data and  Machine Learning & make...

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