What are the major issues and challenges for making your sales team more effective? We know that a salesperson job is highly challenging and requires certain psychological traits. However, despite being psychologically suitable, field sales person can be overwhelmed by sheer amount of preparation work, incessant travel and the most hated job for them , filing reports, be it expense or sales visit report. Sales reps are always on the road and need to carry immense amount of collaterals such as product catalogues inn hard copies. Even if some companies have used the web to put the collaterals online, many reps face difficulty in searching the products fit for the customer they are visiting. The amount of search work blocks the bandwidth and restricts the sales person’s ability for  more engaging customer interactions..

These problems are not insurmountable in today’s time with the help of technology. If they are designed well to take care of the nuances of the sales process, tools like mobile apps powered by analytics can make the job easier by making it easy to handle many repetitive tasks such as beat route determination but also can provide intelligent inputs to the sales person handling a portfolio of products.

One solution which is assisting the companies in improving the productivity and morale of the sales reps is  SalesHooq app. Most of the headaches of the sales process can easily be shifted to this easy-to-use app . The ease and convenience of the app are making the sales reps’ life easier and more productive. The SalesHooq app delivers win-win proposition to both the sales reps and their employers. The app is helping sales people in addressing  biggest headaches that the  sales workforce once faced with the help of SalesHooq app. Increasingly, sales people need not even use emails as all the transactions and messages can be exchanged through the app with the proper trail. In fact , there is no need to carry the laptops let alone hardcopies of the documents and catalogues. All the information, relevant to a particular customer can be shown on the fly using the app. The orders can be taken from the customer which will instantly be reflected to order fulfilment team.

Lets see how the SalesHooq app has changed the way sales process has been conducted in detail.

How SalesHooQ App Helps Your Team Sell More Effectively & Productively 

  1. Information availability on the go

One of the primary challenges for salespeople has been accessing information while they are on the move. The salesperson usually has to collect the information before he plans to meet a customer. The information may include buying history, credit available, credit used etc.

In addition, the salesperson may also be helped greatly if recommendation for the particular client can be displayed by the app.

The SalesHooQ app reduces the efforts and aids the sales process for the salesperson. It does so by syncing information from the central database or ERP in the app. The information is even available to the salesperson when he is offline.

It also collates information from different modules such as accounting modules, purchase modules etc. and present the information in usable form which eases the job of the salesperson

  1. Move from hard copies to digital documents

The next significant advantage of SalesHooQ app to the sales reps is that reps no longer need to carry heavy product samples and catalogues to each and every client visit. There is also limitation on the number of samples a salesperson can carry restricting his ability to effectively communicate the value proposition. With the SalesHooq app, a salesperson can access all the product information with a click. The app not only provides the product pictures but also allows the salesperson to present the same in a highly professional manner. The product information are real-time and any changes in the description or other details is instantly propagated to the sales person.

  1. Order PRocessing made easy

In many of the sales processes, order is taken using the offline tools such as paper forms. In most of the settings, the order may be taken using manual methods such as filling excel sheets etc. There are various problems involved in the way order processing is done at present. The problems include inefficiency of the process itself which requires multiple order entries at different stages, which is error prone. Secondly, conventional way of order processing leads to time lag that lengthens lead time to serve the customers. Thirdly, it is difficult for the salesperson to track the order status using current methods.

The SalesHooQ app bypasses these problems by taking order during a client visit in very easy steps that takes less than 1 minute. The sales representative is also kept updated of the status of the order on his app.

  1. Integrable with ERP and CRM systems

Whenever a sales person take the order from a customers, the order information is instantly transferred to the order processing team and the accounts department. It can also be integrated with the ERP system of the company. This can save sales people a substantial amount of time and provide holistic view in real-time.

  1. Analytics for better decision making

With improved and better data quality, collected by the SalesHooQ app in a structured format, management can get valuable inputs to improve the long-term performance of their sales team. The data coupled with actionable insights enable decision makers to assess customer and sales team performances, sales planning and much more.

In conclusion, new technologies and good analytics can make the job of sales person easier and make them more productive by reducing their time in non-valued added activities.

One app which is already serving the clients is SalesHooq app, which enables the client to digitize and integrate sales process. The app also provides useful business insights to help managers and decision in better sales planning

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