The previous article on SalesHooQ discussed about how the sales force in any type of organization can be made more efficient using technology. The technology enables us to perform the sales tasks faster, cheaper and better.

This article delves into more details of how SalesHooQ  can help the management and operations team alike. The piece discusses different reports and how these reports could be used not only to derive immediate advantages but also can be leveraged for strategic advantages for any organization.

SalesHooQ Management Reports

  1. Planned vs Actual Meetings – For a sales manager the most important parameter to evaluate a sales person is the sales. However, there may be multiple reasons for a drop in sales. It has been primarily observed that sales persons who stick to schedules and plans generally outperform the ones who don’t. To keep a track of this all important parameter, SalesHooQ introduced this specific report. If a certain number of meetings have been planned for an individual, the app will compare the actual meetings done by the individual vis-à-vis his / her scheduled visits. Deviations, overachievement and underachievement are duly noted and the results are reported to get the broader picture of meetings attended by the entire team compared to the original plan.
  2. Sales Person Focus Report – Coaching those who need improvements in performance is not easy. However, SalesHooQ brings relevant data to your desk to make your task much simpler than it would be without data. This report focuses specifically on those individuals who need improvement, say for example the bottom 10%. The idea is to take a set of individuals and work on them to bring them at par with the others.
  3. Meetings Conversion Report – Conversion of meetings into orders is of prime importance. Some sales reps may have a high conversion ratio. It means that with less effort, they achieve more. Very low conversion ratios imply that there is something wrong in the sales representative and he may need attention. This report actually tends to quantify quality of the sales representatives.

SalesHooQ Basic Reports:

  1. Attendance Report – This essential report is offered by SalesHooQ to enable operations team to know if and when a sales person has started his day. It enables a manager to monitor his / her team’s attendance on a regular basis. Marking of attendance, especially when team sizes are large is always a challenge. Traditionally, there was a nominated member, usually an Inside Sales representative who used to call and mark attendance of each team member. Some organizations use emails to mark attendance. SalesHooQ enables a sales person to check-in and check-out of the SalesHooQ app at the click of a button thereby enabling the marking of attendance without any manual interaction.
  2. Sales Visit Report – Naturally a Sales Visit Report is a must have for every sales person. Knowing how many visits were made during a given period, say a day or a month, enables the individual to keep pace with other team members and ensure that he does not fall behind the team in terms of efforts put in. Sales Visit Report is a part of the SalesHooQ app and helps the sales person capture valuable data along with recording the visit itself. The team member can enter not only order details and a small description of the visit but also record competitor information which can be used by management to analyse competition and plan strategies. The ability of the app to capture the geo-coordinates of the sales team while entering data ensures that the customer / prospect is physically visited while the sales data is being entered.
  3. Overall Report – This popular report gives a bird’s eye view of the entire team to managers. It can help them understand general market trends and challenges on field. It also provides data on competitor rates which can assist management to take corrective action and plan strategies accordingly.
  4. Summary Report – A very minimalistic report to track number of visits done by a team member in a given period. If the number of visits is not satisfactory, the manager can coach the sales representative accordingly to assist in improvisation of performance. The manager does not need to wait till the end of the month or week to evaluate the efforts put in by his / her sales team. This data is available at a click of the button, anytime and anywhere.



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