This article discusses how the right mix of technology and analytics can increase the output and sales potential of sales team without burdening them with non-core tasks. The technology can enable automated data collection and even encourage sales team to do the right thing at the right time. Be it an extra meeting with the client that can result in successful order or be it ROI of each customer , all can be analysed with clever use of technology .

Existing problem in sales force management

As a manager, managing sales force is a huge responsibility and involves multiple challenges. Challenges like sales force monitoring to keep track of number of meetings and efforts put in by each sales force member on a day to day basis is not an easy task. Add to it that a manager is also expected to coach the sales force in order to ensure that they put in more efforts and better results. It is not easy to quantify the efforts vis-à-vis the results. If the sales team is large, it may even be difficult to identify which sales persons deserve more attention and consequent improvement. There is also a possibility that you may want to focus on certain sales representatives but are focusing on others due to lack of data.

Also, automating routine tasks like order entry and recording each interaction with prospects and existing clients may be a challenge for the sales team which could lead to improper analysis of the efforts put by the sales force. Follow-ups at timely intervals and visit planning may be another challenge for the sales representatives especially if multiple leads are being followed by the representatives simultaneously.

The solutions deployed at present

The existing approaches to solve the above-mentioned issues are manual, cumbersome and expensive. Data collection for correct analysis can take valuable time of Sales teams. The teams need to focus on core issues I.e. Sales and not concentrate on maintaining data. Accuracy of the data with minimal efforts is of prime importance for the correct analysis. Current solutions like maintenance of data in excel sheets are outdated and time consuming. Alert generation as a timely reminder is also not possible. Manual or mental registration of day-to-day events is too cumbersome and prone to errors. Automated solutions available in the market are over complicated and capture only the data with min

How SalesHooq solves the problems?

SalesHooq addresses these specific issues by providing a simple customizable app for the salesforce in conjunction with appropriate data analytics for the management to point out which sales representatives need additional motivation and which representatives need to be left alone to go about their job with minimum intervention. Customizable reports can be used to offer validation of the analysis to the sales representatives. Effectively SalesHooq enables each participant to focus exactly on specifics that need to be addressed to derive maximum benefit and improve the entire sales process and consequently improve sales numbers.


Any organization, big or small can seamlessly integrate SalesHooq with their existing system. Integration with ERP for large organizations effectively cuts off the clutter involved in various sales related activities and enables the organization to organize the data captured and presents it in an easy manner for analysis. Reports provide meaningful insights for pointed action. Sales team experiences ease in recording their efforts on-the-go with timely reminders for future activities thereby improving the overall sales experience. SMEs can easily benefit by better organization and comparative analysis of data which is just not possible in manual recording thereby providing a sense of accomplishment. To conclude, SalesHooq is a must have for every organization, big or small.



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